Emeryville Garage Door Repairs

Emeryville Garage Door Repairs

You won’t fully appreciate the severity of a garage door emergency until you’re faced with one yourself. Let’s paint a picture for a second:

It’s 7 a.m. and you’re rushing to get to the office. You start the car, press the garage opener and- nothing. After fumbling around with the door for a few minutes, you now risk missing an important business meeting.

The car’s stuck in the garage and you’re faced with a dilemma- risk rescheduling the meeting at the last minute or continue to try to fix it yourself and show up unfashionably late. Which do you decide? We say choose door #3. Call Alcosta Overhead Door.

You have a few options if you experience a crisis at 7 a.m. but what happens if your garage decides to go haywire in the dead of night? Give us a call, we can assist you at anytime of the day.

We’re equipped to avert any garage crisis morning, noon, and night. 24 hour service usually comes at a premium price but not with us. Since 1974, our focus has been delivering our clients exceptional service and quality products for an unmatched price.

Even if you aren’t faced with an emergency, it’s important to make sure that one does not occur. This comes through annual maintenance, inspection by a qualified professional, and complete repairs using the best products. We keep the most trusted brands in stock, enabling us to provide you with long lasting, low maintenance repairs almost instantly.

Alcosta Overhead Door is a full service provider. We’ll show up to your appointment with everything we could possibly need in tow. The track, cables, locks, handles, rollers- if it has to do with installation, repair, or replacement- we’re bringing it with us.

Our objective is to eliminate your worries and concerns. We complete a thorough preliminary inspection followed by industry leading service. After our technician has completed their task, they’ll double back and perform a secondary inspection to ensure all parts are secure and fully operational.

If your appointment involves the replacement of an existing garage door, we won’t leave the cumbersome hazard posed by the old door on your hands. All old parts will be hauled away with us. That’s the epitome of stress-free full service.

It’s something the residents of Emeryville have come to know us for. Something we gladly deliver to each client no matter the extent of their service. Our tenacious quest for excellence and commitment to our customers has built a name for Alcosta Overhead Door within the community. We’ve become synonymous with the same principles that founded our company 35 years ago.

For door programming, repair, installation, design, or a wild card that’ll get you to that morning meeting on time, contact us right now.