Berkeley Overhead Garage Door

Berkeley Overhead Garage Door

That minor glitch in the way your garage door opens can be the first indication of a major underlying problem. Sadly, many people disregard the warnings due to the inability to afford the astronomical costs of great garage door service. Fortunately, that’s no longer a concern.

In fact, Alcosta Overhead Door has been presenting our customers in Berkeley with quality products and service for the lowest possible prices since 1974. That’s more than 3 decades of proven success. Don’t listen to what the others say, we are living proof that it can be done.

We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in every area. From sales to repair, removal, installation, and maintenance, it’s our job to maintain our family’s impeccable reputation. We’re more than a garage door provider, we are members of the community. Our families travel the same roads as you do. Most days our adventures are met with a parade of waves, smiles, and well-wishes from long-time satisfied customers.

That means more to us than anything else. Knowing that our service has improved the lives of others, taking away the stress of understanding the unfamiliar, and making sure we’re always available to help is the foundation for our family business.

To do this, we take pleasure in going the extra mile. Alcosta Overhead Door is always available, 24/7 rain, snow, sleet or shine. We’re open to come over the same day you contact us. You’ll receive a free estimate and most of our clients are able to take advantage of deals and special offers making the cost of their service even lower.
We’ll help you select the latest garage door designs, develop frames that complement the style of your house, reprogram the codes to your remotes, and more. Alcosta Overhead Door has earned our right to say we’re a leading garage door provider in California.

Cutting corners can potentially cost you more money in the long run. Don’t be misled by unqualified companies. Read the reviews, look at their history, gauge the company’s level of professionalism and go from there. We’re so confident in our abilities to deliver, we completely eliminate any initial risks.

Speak with one of our skilled representatives to learn more about your options. You never know, you may have a brand new garage door before the day is over. Give us a call today so you can see for yourself.